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Soft contact lenses have come a long way in their journey to provide exceptional comfort and vision for people with different types of glasses prescriptions.
Contact Lenses can correct:

Myopia (nearsightedness)
Hyperopia (farsightedness)
Astigmatism (imperfection of eye curvature)
Presbyopia (loss of reading vision after age 40)

Contact Lenses commonly come in 3 different replacement schedules:
1 month
2 weeks
1 day

Your Eye Doctor prescribes the contact lens and replacement schedule based on your/your eyes’ needs. For example, 1-day disposable contact lenses are especially beneficial to allergy sufferers. Allergens and deposits from the environment can make their way to the surface of the contact lens while on the eye. With 2-week or monthly contact lenses, these allergens can remain on the lens and/or in the lens case when stored in solution overnight. When these contact lenses are inserted back into the eyes the next morning, irritation may occur. 1-day disposable lenses are disposed of each night, along with any irritating allergens or deposits collected by the lenses earlier that day.

Another recent development in the contact lens industry is the re-introduction of well-fitting, breathable color and eye-defining contact lenses. These are available in daily and monthly replacement schedules.

Today’s multifocal contact lens technology is also very exciting. With the multifocal contact lens, one can wear distance clarifying contact lenses while also receiving a little magnification for good reading vision.

We are crazy about contact lenses and what they can do for you. Please give us a call if you are interested in a contact lens fit or have any questions.